Vinoth Poultry Farm is a Pioneer in the poultry industry for the past 23 years of Poultry Farming. We are one of the leading supplier for Aseel country chicken all over Tamilnadu, many parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and suppliers of Giriraja birds to all over Kerala. Our business focus is to provide poultry farming services with high levels of Quality standards and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Keeping Chicks

During The First Weeks After Birth, Many Chicks Do Not Want To Drink Water Due To Transporting Them From One Place To Another.

So You Have To Make Adequate Water Drinking Systems In Their Brooder House, And You Have To Train Them For Drinking Water.

Food & Water

Food & Water- Set Out Water And Chick Starter Feed In Separate Containers. Keep Both Food And Water Clean And Free Of Droppings.

If Chicks Are Not Drinking, Dip Their Beaks In The Water To Get Them Started. A Chick Fountain Is By Far The Best Way To Give Chicks Water.

Vaccination And It’s Importance

Vaccination Program Is A Must For Chicks For Keeping Them Free From All Types Of Diseases. The Main Advantage Of Poultry Vaccination. Timely Vaccination Makes Disease Resistance Power In The Body Of Chick.Help To Keep The Hen Free From Infective Poultry Diseases. Disease Prevalence Will Be Less. Mortality Rate Will Reduce. And Low Mortality Rate = More Production = More Profit.