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Vinoth Poultry Farm - Established in the year 1994

Mr. N. Krishnan, The founder and Director of our organization.With his passion and hard work, we have obtained a good name and reputation in Poultry Industry. We are located in karumathampatti,in the district of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Our team is committed to do poultry farming with high quality standards and environment friendly.

We also provide door to door delivery services all over Tamilnadu & cover few areas of Kerala. For deliveries in other areas, we provide secure packing suitable for Rails and Road Transportation.

Country Chicken

We supply best quality Aseel Country chicken of all ages ranging from one day old chicks to 4 weeks ,6 weeks ,8 weeks and 12 weeks all over Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh in large quantities.We guide our customers throughout the Process of Country chicken rearing,medicine providing ,brooding for proper growth and better efficient production.

Giriraja Chicken

Apart From country chicken ,we distinctly lead the supply of Giri Raja chicken all over Kerala. We have been supplying Giri Raja one day old chicks ,4-6 weeks birds for rural all kinds of backyard and SHG schemes in Kerala. We do provide all kind the vaccination and supplements required for disease free and better growth .