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The Aseel (also spelled Asil) is an ancient breed from India, originally kept for cockfighting but today kept for ornamental purposes. The Aseel comes under the Asian Hard Feather category and is the oldest known breed of game fowl.

Originating in the South Punjab / Sindh area of Pakistan and India, the Asil is a powerful, muscular bird that were purposefully bred for cock-fighting over a period of more than 2000 years. The Asil will fight to the end. It was bred to fight using its strength and its own spurs. Despite their history, Asils are said to be friendly when kept apart from other cocks. They're also said to be very smart. Combs and wattles are very small. Aseel hens are broody but only lay a few eggs per year. Feathering is close, sleek and hard.

Giriraja :


Giriraja is a dual purpose bird suitable for backyard rearing and intensive system of management. Giriraja birds are mainly development for Backyard poultry system in rural areas,Because of its sturdy and resistant nature, it can easily acclimatize itself to any region and weather. The average live weight gain of Giriraja birds after 6 months was 2.127 kg . Age at sexual maturity was ranged between 155 - 157 days in Giriraja birds .The mean weight at first egg was 45g in Giriraja .The egg pro